On a cold dark December evening, a fender bender occurred. Nothing new, happens every day. Not true! What resulted from this "mishap" was the creation of innovative, imaginative jewelry. By design, each piece is a dramatic fashion statement. A fragment of fiberglass material from the car is incorporated into every piece of jewelry. Just goes to show that good can be found anywhere. You just have to look.


  A Piece of the Wreck pin $25 - $45
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The experience led to seeing things in a new way. Wrecked, squashed and worn items can be beautiful. Some designs include remnants from a plumbing "disaster."




     Jewelry Pipeline necklace $65
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          custom items available from your "junk"







Sometimes materials that would normally be considered beautiful are combined in a unique way, like these hand crochet scarves with crochet wire ends laced with Swarovski™ crystals.












Crochet scarf with crystals $115
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Or sometimes the unique factor is not visible, as with these flower brooches that can also be worn as a necklace, and are hand woven with hundreds of Swarovski™ crystals. The unique factor here is that each piece is filled with Reiki energy, which is stored in the crystals.




         Crystal brooch/necklace $65 - $145
         depending on size

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